The Key to Success in Network Marketing

Google the phrase “How to Succeed in Network Marketing” and you’ll receive 2,220,000 hits in 0.41 seconds (as of this writing). Suggestions range from believing in yourself to knowing your company and products; from selling yourself, to duplicating yourself. All of these are important. But, I believe there is one key to success that overshadows the rest. You have to know why you want to succeed. You have to have a dream.

There will be times on your journey when you will wonder what you have gotten yourself into. You will wonder what on earth you were thinking when you started down this path. You will face a lot of challenges. First, your family and friends will tell you that you’ve made a big mistake. Some of them have tried network marketing before and not succeeded, and they are sure you will fail too. They don’t really mean to drag you down. They probably have your best interests at heart and just want to protect you from the same disappointment they went through.

You will suffer from the disappointment of rejection. Not everyone you share your opportunity with will be as excited about it as you are. You will hear the word “No” far more often than you want or expect to hear it.

You will suffer from impatience. You won’t build your business as quickly, or sign people up as quickly as you were hoping to. You won’t increase your income as quickly as you wanted. Your website won’t initially get as many hits as you thought it would.

During these down times, it’s your dream that will sustain you and give you the encouragement to carry on.

So, what do you really want? And, don’t come up with a vague answer. You need to be specific. One way to help define your dream is to ask yourself “Why.” Don’t just say that you want to be rich. Why do you want to be rich? What will being rich allow you to do? What will you do with your money? Don’t just say you want to retire. Why do you want to retire? What will you do with your time if you aren’t working? Your dream needs to be an emotional touch stone for you, or it doesn’t qualify as a dream. It has to be something you can see, imagine, smell, touch and feel.

There are several exercises you can use to help flesh out your dream in detail. Try one or two of these to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Imagine that you are featured on the cover of “Time” magazine as the person of the year. What would you be recognized for?

2. Imagine you are attending your own memorial or funeral service. How will you be remembered by your children, your friends, your business associates and other people in your life?

3. Make a “treasure map” or “dream board” by cutting out pictures, words and phrases from magazines. Don’t analyze, just cut out whatever appeals to you. Then, paste the words and pictures on poster board.

One word of caution: be careful with this last exercise. Anytime I have created a “treasure map,” almost magical things have happened in my life. The last “treasure map” I created was filled with pictures of family activities in the great outdoors, hiking, lush green forests and foliage. I was living in the concrete jungles of California at the time, working full time and taking a full class load at the community college. Two months later, I was recruited to move to Arkansas where I now live on 15 acres in the country and go hiking regularly with my 15-year old son.

So, to be a success in network marketing, you have to know why you want to succeed. Don’t just dream – dream big! Now take action and turn your dream into reality.

Until next time…

Public Relations and Goodwill

One highly effective type of advertising costs virtually nothing: public relations. With public relations, the newsworthiness of some aspect of your business or business activities can earn you free publicity in newspapers or magazines, or even on radio or television.

However, it must truly be newsworthy. You might publicize, for example, a lecture, a demonstration or a workshop being presented at your business site – an event that news outlets could list in their community calendars or possibly even send a reporter to cover. Find out who at a station or publication handles such local events and send that person a news release. Alternatively, prepare an article for a newspaper or trade magazine in which you offer information of value to its readers. The point of such articles is to establish you as an authority in your industry. It’s for this reason that a stockbroker might write a biweekly column on personal finance or a nursery write a column giving gardening advice.

A further source of publicity is goodwill efforts. Team sponsorships, for example, keep your name in front of the public. Lectures given by you or your staff to civic groups or other businesses also enhance your company’s visibility. Get a list of clubs and associations from your local Chamber of Commerce. Another course of action, one that must be heartfelt and genuine, is to spearhead a campaign to solve a community problem that is related to your business. A pharmacist, for example, might lead an effort to keep poison detection centers open.


Writing a News Release

If you keep in mind the person at the newspaper, magazine or station who’ll receive your news release – a person buried under stacks of releases and eager to find some newsworthy information – you’ll automatically write the best kind of release: short, crisp and simple.

In the first paragraph, tell who, what, why, where and when – starting with a description of the event itself. For example:

A free slide talk on family hikes in the Bay Area will be given by writer-photographer Jane Doe on Thursday, October 18, 7:30 p.m., at Jackson’s Shoes in Berkeley.

In the following one or more paragraphs, add information that rounds out the first paragraph or answers questions the first paragraph may evoke. For example:

Doe, author of A Walk in the Park, will recommend nature walks for families with children aged seven and older. Most walks are in regional parks, and Doe will not only show what various trails have to offer but also the trails for difficulty. Parents and their children are invited to attend. Jackson’s Shoes is located at 1234 First Street in Berkeley. For more information, call (510) 555-3271.

Finally, on either the top or bottom of the news release – which can be written on letterhead with the words NEWS RELEASE above the text – write the name and telephone number of your contact person. For example:

For more information, contact Mark Jones at (510) 555-3271.

To give newspapers further encouragement to publicize your event, enclose a glossy black-and-white photo that illustrates the subject of your release. Type a caption and paste it on the back. For example, if you are using a nature photograph:

Family hikes in the Bay Area will be the subject of a free slide talk by author Jane Doe on Thursday, October 18, 7:30 p.m., at Jackson’s Shoes in Berkeley.

Overall, the virtue of a clear, well-organized news release and captioned photo is that they give newspapers – your most likely recipients – several ways to respond. They can print your entire release and captioned picture, they can use only the captioned photograph, or they can insert just the first paragraph into a community calendar. As a result, your chances of getting something into print are greatly enhanced.



Persuasion is the missing puzzle piece that will crack the code to dramatically increase your income, improve your relationships, and help you get what you want, when you want, and win friends for life. Ask yourself how much money and income you have lost because of your inability to persuade and influence. Think about it. Sure you’ve seen some success, but think of the times you couldn’t get it done. Has there ever been a time when you did not get your point across? Were you unable to convince someone to do something? Have you reached your full potential? Are you able to motivate yourself and others to achieve more and accomplish their goals? What about your relationships? Imagine being able to overcome objections before they happen, know what your prospect is thinking and feeling, feel more confident in your ability to persuade. Professional success, personal happiness, leadership potential, and income depend on the ability to persuade, influence, and motivate others.

Mountain Bikes Features

If you like riding on dirt paths, unpaved surfaces, trekking or hiking, then a mountain bike is all you need. Unlike the ordinary bicycles, these ones are quite “hard core” in nature. They perform well in rough places and can handle more strain. One of their key characteristics is their tires. They are actually more wider, knobbier and absorbs shock well. Generally, this bikes are classified into four types i.e fully Rigid, hard Tail, Soft Tail and Dual/ full Suspension.


Full suspension have a suspension fork in the rear and the front while fully rigid do not have nay suspension. Hard tail on the other hand has a suspension fork in the front while soft tail, has very less suspension in the rear and its frame has a flex in the rear, rather than the pivot.

Mountain bikes are superbly designed and their features are even better now than before. The modern ones today have 21, 24 or 27 speeds and are normally fitted with 3 gears in the front while the rear has 7, 8, or 9. They also have disc brakes that makes stopping easier.

With the growing of mountain biking as a sport, Mountain bikes are rising in demand together with accessories that accompany them. Nevertheless, we ought to be careful when buying this accessories. In fact, you’ll notice that most of this equipment like helmets, knee and elbow caps etc are meant for our safety and they’re important to acquire before we go out riding. Some of the commonly known manufactures of this bile include; Arrow Racing, Dagger, Dart, Full Dynamix, Airborne cycles and Alpine design MTBs.

When You Choose a Quality Coleman Camp Stove, You Have Chosen the Very Best for Your Camping Needs

Coleman camp stoves dominate the hiking and camping market because of their superior manufacturing standards and the attention to detail. Their extensive line provides exactly what their customers are looking for in a camp stove.

The Coleman company was started more than one hundred years ago by WC Coleman. Coleman was a young man from Wichita, Kansas with an idea to improve lighting through better manufacturing of lanterns. He expanded on his original foundation of lanterns into all manner of hiking and camping equipment including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and portable stoves and cooking systems.

The great outdoors is what the Coleman company has concentrated on for all of these years. They also make coolers, air beds, an entire line of LED lights, portable grills and many more products for the camper, hiker or just the weekend warrior in all of us.

You can feel assured when you purchase a Coleman camp stove, that you have chosen the best for your camping experience.

Coleman Stove Example – The Coleman PerfectFlow

The Coleman PerfectFlow 2-burner stove is a reliable and dependable source of cooking for camping, tail-gating and many other outdoor activities that you participate in. The stove provides an amazing 20,000 BTUs of heat in the form of dual high performance burners to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The burners have the capacity to regulate each separate flame from simmer to a full boiling point. The PerfectFlow also has a pressure-controlled system that will guarantee constant heat and superior cooking performance.

The PerfectFlow is designed to preform in all weather conditions and if you find yourself camping in higher altitudes, don’t worry. Your Coleman camp stove has been vetted for all of the various cooking situations to guarantee you the cooking performance that you have come to expect from the Coleman name.

Another great feature is the capability to operate the stove on either Coleman Liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline.


Designing the PerfectFlow to work well in call conditions is what buyers expect from a Coleman product. Naturally the reviews for the Coleman PerfectFlow have been outstanding. The camp stove is continually receiving the highest ratings on camping and hiking websites and in magazines.

The PerfectFlow is just one example of the superior knowledge and craftsmanship the mark Coleman stoves and other camping and hiking products. Coleman has a large line of stoves to fit every need and budget — from the ultralight Gemini Dual Fuel Stove that is perfect for hikers to the Rendezvous 2 Burner Stove that is just right for campers and tailgating.

A Spectacular Adventure to the Top of a Colossal Natural Arch: The Sterling Pass to Vultee Arch Hike

Autumn in Arizona with its bright sunny days and near perfect day time temperatures is unquestionably the best time of the year to get out, enjoy nature and the outdoors and also experience the state’s own beautiful fall foliage season. Located up in the higher elevations of the state of Arizona just a few hours from Phoenix, you will find that Arizona too has much to offer when it comes to fall color and there is no place more world renown for all its mystical beauty and breathtaking red rock mountain scenery than Sedona. So if you’re looking to get out into nature and the outdoors, and would like a beautiful fall foliage hike, that’s moderately strenuous, off the beaten path and you’re up to experiencing a spectacular adventure climbing to the top of a colossal natural arch, then I highly recommend checking out the Sterling Pass to the Vultee Arch Hike, in the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness, Sedona, Arizona.

It was early on a clear, crisp, mid-October Saturday morning that I met up with the Arizona Desert Hikers, a local Phoenix hiking group led by Jim Bernardi, and after all members had arrived, we left the north Phoenix meet up location, heading north on Highway I-17, then exited the freeway on State Route 179A and arrived in Sedona by 8 am. Then as we continued to head north into Sedona on State Route 179A, we arrived at the intersection for State Route 89A and made a right and heading north towards Oak Creek Canyon.

It was roughly about 6.9 miles later on the left had side and just 500 feet south of the Red Rock Lodge that we finally arrived at the Sterling Pass Trailhead adjacent to the Manzanita Campground and parked in the parking area located down along the side of the road. We were aware that the Sterling Pass Trailhead was not easy to locate from the road and we found that to be quite accurate. It’s very easy to miss, and we did too, as the actual sign itself is small and not easily visible while driving, so you need to take it slow. We also discovered that the parking area located several hundred yards down and off to the right side of the road was very limited. (Note that a $5 Red Rock Day Use Pass is required) However, on this morning there was just enough space to accommodate all of our vehicles and by 8:30 am we had all arrived, got packed up and were ready to begin our day’s hiking adventure on the Sterling Pass Trail.

Starting out from the trailhead across the road, at an approximate elevation of 4863 feet, the well maintained, and easy to follow, out and back, Sterling Pass Trail, immediately begins steadily switch backing and steeply ascending in elevation. Professional travel writer, Robert Stieve, from Arizona Highways Magazine, describes the hike quite accurately in his quote, “you’re either going up or you’re going down on the Sterling Pass Trail. There is no in-between. No middle ground, plateaus, no real respites.” However, as the journey continued heading steeply up in elevation, through thick, dense forest and trees, filled with bright and very colorful foliage, the expansive scenery and mountain views along the way of the vermilion and buff colored rock formations of the remote Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness were absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking!

After reaching the Sterling Pass saddle about an hour later, and taking a much needed short break, the beautiful journey continued on the Sterling Pass Trail which now opened up to even more gorgeous and breathtaking scenery as we immediately began to switchback and steeply descend back down in elevation through more thick, dense, brightly colored forest and trees, down into Sterling Canyon. Wow, what an incredible hike it had been so far and an excellent fitness workout to on this surprisingly quiet, remote, much less traveled, yet very scenic Sedona hiking adventure!

Approximately about two hours later, after a very exhilarating and zig zagging journey back down again in elevation that we finally came to the Vultee Arch Trail where we swung a right. It was here at the junction of the Sterling Pass Trail and the Vultee Arch Trail that we caught our first glimpse of the infamous Vultee Arch! How amazing it was, even from this way far out distance too. The Vultee Arch, was historically named for very early aviation pioneer whose aircraft crashed nearby. You can view the commemorative bronze plaque that was laid in honor of Gerard Vultee and his wife, Sylvia Vultee who both courageously lost their lives in January 29th, 1938.

After trekking just a short ways further on the Vultee Arch Trail, approximately 3.5 miles from where we started, it was by 10:30am that we had finally arrived at the Vultee Arch and came upon an open plateau area with expansive views not only of the arch but also of the entire surrounding canyon area that were beautiful! It was here from this wide open plateau located much closer up, that the view of this gigantic, very colossal, natural arch, was simply incredible and magnificent! We stopped there for just a few short minutes to get some really great shots. However, this amazing adventure wasn’t over just yet. From here, we located a small use trail and bush wacked and climbed our way straight up to the top of the Vultee Arch and what an exciting thrill it was too! Absolutely incredible and amazing! Once at the top, one by one, we each took our turn walking out to the middle of the arch where our friends waiting back down at the plateau area captured our pictures. My knees were literally shaking and I was terrified as I was out there shooting video of the gorgeous, breathtaking views from the top of the arch. What a great hike and a thrilling, spectacular adventure!

It was by 11:30am and about an hour later that we regrettably decided it was time to start heading back. So we gathered up our gear and our packs and returning the same we had originally came, we made it back to the Sterling Pass Trailhead again by 1:30pm which according to our GPS was a total round trip hiking distance of 7.68 miles with an elevation gain of 1041 feet, and a total hiking time of 5.0 hours.

In all, it was a great hike and thrilling, spectacular adventure and a really enjoyable day with the wonderful people and friends of the Arizona Desert Hikers. So if you’re up for an excellent, breathtaking fall foliage hike, and an exciting, unforgettable adventure to the top of a colossal natural arch, then be sure you check out the Sterling Pass to the Vultee Arch Hike, in the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness, Sedona, Arizona.