When You Choose a Quality Coleman Camp Stove, You Have Chosen the Very Best for Your Camping Needs

Coleman camp stoves dominate the hiking and camping market because of their superior manufacturing standards and the attention to detail. Their extensive line provides exactly what their customers are looking for in a camp stove.

The Coleman company was started more than one hundred years ago by WC Coleman. Coleman was a young man from Wichita, Kansas with an idea to improve lighting through better manufacturing of lanterns. He expanded on his original foundation of lanterns into all manner of hiking and camping equipment including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and portable stoves and cooking systems.

The great outdoors is what the Coleman company has concentrated on for all of these years. They also make coolers, air beds, an entire line of LED lights, portable grills and many more products for the camper, hiker or just the weekend warrior in all of us.

You can feel assured when you purchase a Coleman camp stove, that you have chosen the best for your camping experience.

Coleman Stove Example – The Coleman PerfectFlow

The Coleman PerfectFlow 2-burner stove is a reliable and dependable source of cooking for camping, tail-gating and many other outdoor activities that you participate in. The stove provides an amazing 20,000 BTUs of heat in the form of dual high performance burners to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The burners have the capacity to regulate each separate flame from simmer to a full boiling point. The PerfectFlow also has a pressure-controlled system that will guarantee constant heat and superior cooking performance.

The PerfectFlow is designed to preform in all weather conditions and if you find yourself camping in higher altitudes, don’t worry. Your Coleman camp stove has been vetted for all of the various cooking situations to guarantee you the cooking performance that you have come to expect from the Coleman name.

Another great feature is the capability to operate the stove on either Coleman Liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline.


Designing the PerfectFlow to work well in call conditions is what buyers expect from a Coleman product. Naturally the reviews for the Coleman PerfectFlow have been outstanding. The camp stove is continually receiving the highest ratings on camping and hiking websites and in magazines.

The PerfectFlow is just one example of the superior knowledge and craftsmanship the mark Coleman stoves and other camping and hiking products. Coleman has a large line of stoves to fit every need and budget — from the ultralight Gemini Dual Fuel Stove that is perfect for hikers to the Rendezvous 2 Burner Stove that is just right for campers and tailgating.