Mountain Bikes Features

If you like riding on dirt paths, unpaved surfaces, trekking or hiking, then a mountain bike is all you need. Unlike the ordinary bicycles, these ones are quite “hard core” in nature. They perform well in rough places and can handle more strain. One of their key characteristics is their tires. They are actually more wider, knobbier and absorbs shock well. Generally, this bikes are classified into four types i.e fully Rigid, hard Tail, Soft Tail and Dual/ full Suspension.


Full suspension have a suspension fork in the rear and the front while fully rigid do not have nay suspension. Hard tail on the other hand has a suspension fork in the front while soft tail, has very less suspension in the rear and its frame has a flex in the rear, rather than the pivot.

Mountain bikes are superbly designed and their features are even better now than before. The modern ones today have 21, 24 or 27 speeds and are normally fitted with 3 gears in the front while the rear has 7, 8, or 9. They also have disc brakes that makes stopping easier.

With the growing of mountain biking as a sport, Mountain bikes are rising in demand together with accessories that accompany them. Nevertheless, we ought to be careful when buying this accessories. In fact, you’ll notice that most of this equipment like helmets, knee and elbow caps etc are meant for our safety and they’re important to acquire before we go out riding. Some of the commonly known manufactures of this bile include; Arrow Racing, Dagger, Dart, Full Dynamix, Airborne cycles and Alpine design MTBs.